Basket ShopBittersweet Baskets opened in 2002 mainly as a group of friends with a common interest in basket-weaving.  Soon Pat Vogler began teaching others different techniques of basket weaving.

Basket classesToday, basket-weaving classes of 10 to 12 people are taught by Pat and held at the basket shop which is located on Pat’s small farm in Warrenton, MO.  The shop is equipped with a full sized kitchen, which allows Pat to provide a home cooked meal included (free!) with every class.


Along with full time basket weaving, the shop has also grown into a woodworking supply shop.  In 2007, Pat recruited her husband John to help expand the business by beginning to supply ash bases for basket weavers everywhere!


Each base is individually hand cut and sanded by John and Pat in their woodworking shop right next door to the basket weaving shop.  The bases are top quality, made only from superior white ash and can be found in various shapes and sizes.  Be sure to check out the supplies page and place your order for bases today!

Ash bases for baskets

In 2013, Pat and John Vogler acquired Homestead Heirlooms, an established leather handle business based out of Wisconsin.  With this addition, Bittersweet Baskets changed their name to Bittersweet Baskets & Homestead Handles and now offers leather handles, bag finishing hardware, and accessories to complete their basket product offerings.cord-handles-blue