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Below are some fully finished purses available for sale.  Please note this is current inventory on hand.  We can try to accommodate any custom colors for orders as well, just allow more time for delivery since it will all be handmade to order!  Or if you’d like to make your own purse, check out our patterns here.

Tan knitted & lined bag
w/ applique pin  11 x 8
Price:  $45

Green & purple cloth bag lined w/ pockets & handles w/rings  12 1/2 x 14
Price:  $75

Felted brown/yellow/grey bag w/ single handle & rings   10 1/2 x 12
Price:  $60

Black & red cloth bag
13 x 13
Price:  $30

Big Sister, Little Sister Bag Set – Blue
Price:  $30.00

Gray & Yellow bag with plenty of
pockets inside and out  – 12″ x 14″
Price:  $90.00

Navy felted “Scoop” bag
19 1/2 x 14
Price:  $275

Felted holly bag
10 1/2 x 8
Price:  $30

Brown quilted cloth bag
14 x 15
Price:  $30

Felted Anne of Green Gables bag
18 x 15
Price:  $275

Big Sister, Little Sister Bag Set – Purple
Price: $30.00

Green sparkle bag
nicely lined  17 x 13
Price:  $125

Felted brown bag w/ leather flower
13 1/2 x 8 1/2
Price:  $45

Felted black bag w/ black fun fur
and handles w/ rings  9 1/2 x 11
Price:  $65

Maroon bag w/ blue fun fur
14 x 11
Price:  $60

Blue quilted bag with inside
divider for laptop  –  16″ x 12″
Price:  $130.00

Note:  If there are any questions about these items please ask Pat before ordering.  Items are handmade and not refundable.

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