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Welcome to Bittersweet Baskets & Homestead Handles!  We offer a wide variety of basket-making supplies, including basket patterns, basket kits, leather handles and a selection of wood bases made from superior white ash.   We also offer leather accessories and bag finishing hardware for attaching leather handles to knitted, felted, crocheted and quilted bags.  Take a look around to see our products for sale and be sure to check out our latest basket classes and events, too!   


April’s Bargain Box

Get ready to spruce up your Spring fashion with this month’s special for the Color Block Bag!
The special includes the knitting/felting pattern and a 24″ sew on style handle,
(your choice of any standard or specialty color.)  Note:  This pattern is for an experienced knitter.

Priced at just $16.00!
To view all colors available, click here.
*While supplies last

Color Block Bag

Color Block Bag